Membership Website Resources

This website will teach you how to create a membership-based website. Including overviews and options for software, web hosting, monetization methods and everything else you need to know.

Here are some resources to get you started:

Best WordPress Membership Plugins

Build a Website & Make Your First Dollar Online

Why Membership Website Resources?

While researching this topic for myself, I couldn’t find a single centralized resource about this topic — so I decided to create one myself.

“Membership website” is a broad term, specifically, we cover: resources for those who want to start their own online course, private forum, password protected content, pay-to-view, and other forms of “members only” type websites.

As a serial learner and knowledge junkie, I am familiar with a few paid and free membership scripts (from the member point of view). I have taken a few online courses with “content dripping”, and I think this is a brilliant method for creating an engaged audience and steady residual income.

While I build, research and promote my own membership based websites, I will share my knowledge on this site and in my newsletter. (maybe the newsletter…I’m a bit lazy with newsletters).

Pssss…. Have a question about membership websites? What topics would you like to see on this site? Have a suggestion for product review? Leave a comment below: